Andrew Nicholas Rodgers

SEO/Digital Marketing Professional

Is Standalone SEO Enough?

Anyone with an ounce of online knowledge knows that ‘SEO’ and ‘link building’ are not interchangeable phrases. It is commonly known that link building alone will not cut it in today’s competitive markets.
My question is that is standalone SEO enough?

Here at Branded3 we have implemented a number of techniques to achieve rankings in the SERPs for competitive keywords. However there has been a few instances where we have found that if SEO isn’t integrated and a part of a diverse marketing strategy there is a ceiling that can be reached in the rankings.

Case in point – Voucher Client
We had been working with a UK voucher site that came to us after being penalised by Google for a number of reasons, nothing sinister, just a few shortcuts that backfired. The contract originally was two pronged to recover rankings wiped by Google and to protect from further penalties such as Panda.

After some fantastic ranking results, progress slowed down to a rate that the client wasn’t overawed with (which is mostly down to our success early in the contract). After reviewing activity it was decided that the main issue holding the site back was the lack of diversity in the overall marketing strategy.

The site, unlike its competitors did not have an extensive mailing list providing security against penalties or downtime, nor did it have a social following in particular Facebook and Twitter. It has no blog, news section or any other different source of traffic other than organic search.

As we know, tweets and other social aspects are a ranking factors, so you just have to think, if you were Google who would you rank?

Would you rank a site with a diverse source of links and a significant social profile or would you rank a site that only receives traffic from the organic SERPs?

To get SEO right for competitive keywords, SEO to be integrated as part of a varied and extensive online marketing strategy. Anything else is cutting corners.


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