Andrew Nicholas Rodgers

SEO/Digital Marketing Professional

Google Reveals Super Injunction Celeb Names

I hope I am not in danger of breaching any laws pertaining to the newsworthy UK super injunctions here but surely Google could?
Below are two screen grabs taken today from showing Google Suggest revealing two names rumoured to be the celebrities behind the much talked about super injunctions.

The super injunctions stop the press and recently social networking websites from publishing the names of the celebrities involved.

So the injunction pretty much stops anybody from publicising the names. This I do not understand, even this must go against the right for free speech? Surely you would be allowed to shout it from Speakers Corner in Hyde Park – but maybe the video of this would be banned from Youtube?

I am not a lawyer but surely Google Instant is breaching this law by ‘suggesting’ names of the individuals involved?

Any lawyers reading – Hey, I aren’t outing these guys just observing industry trends. (Ryan, Hugh – Shame on you!)


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