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An interesting one here…
As I’m having a fiddle in analytics I notice traffic through an odd keyword ‘brandi passante panty size‘.

Obviously being a very meticulous thorough individual, I did a bit of research and found  that Bandi Passante is an American TV host from a show called ‘Storage Wars’. Now to my knowledge I haven’t been making any late night drunken blog posts for me to be ranking for this term.

So I checked my many spam comments, still pending in my WordPress CMS. Low and behold I found a very polite spam comment that read

I’m sorry,  want to  eat
Ellen Muth nude
Tamil sex
Carol Huston Actress
…followed by hundreds of other linked phrases including ‘Brandi Passante hot’ ‘Brandi Passante Storage Wars’ and ‘Brandi Passante sexy’.

These comments have never seen my live site and have always been pending and/or spam. So I know for certain that the Google spiders were crawling all over my internal content management system.
Excited of the prospect of finding a possible new ranking factor I did a test by commenting on my own posts with a certain keyword that I am keeping my eye out if I rank for.
A few days later, unfortunately I stopped ranking for the Brandi Passante keyword and no signs of test keyword.

If anyone has noticed their pending comments ranking for them, then please get in touch (@Seo_Livewire).

I never did find out Brandi Passante panty size.



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