Andrew Nicholas Rodgers

SEO/Digital Marketing Professional

Rankings Checker Returning Inaccurate Results?

So when you go into work as an SEO, what you don’t want to see is all your rankings fall off a cliff. But don’t panic, be sure to check your rankings checker as in the last few days our ranking checker of choice seems to be reporting incorrect rankings. We all use rankings checkers… Continue reading

Naughty Poker Sites Suffer In The SERPs

Coming from a gambling background, specifically affiliates, the news that broke on the 15th April was massive news that rocked the gaming fraternity worldwide. Four of the world’s leading poker sites,, and were shut down and sites seized by the FBI due to an investigation into fraudulent activity. The reason behind the… Continue reading

rel=”canonical” Tag Works Cross Domains

Mr Cutts clears up any confusion in this video regarding the rel=”canonical” tag working cross domains. This is a really useful tool now for webmaster, consultants and marketing agencies alike. Recently, I used this cross domain rel=”canonical” for a social competition for an e-commerce client as part of a wider SEO campaign. The twitter driven… Continue reading