Andrew Nicholas Rodgers

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How YouTube Analytics Handles Secure Search

The emergence of secure search and the much talked about (Not Provided) keyword has affected SEOs and marketers greatly and continues to impact the way we measure results. The reduced visibility of organic keywords has meant that SEOs have had to look for alternative ways to measure both branded and non-brand keyword trends. At Reprise… Continue reading

Ignorant Journalism To Search Engine Ranking Factors

Ignorance is unforgivable by people who abuse their position of authority. I understand sometimes mistakes are made but the articles I have read recently have show clear ignorance and quite despicable. Danny Sullivan writes a great article tearing apart the paper released by US Senate’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights. I don’t… Continue reading

Is Standalone SEO Enough?

Anyone with an ounce of online knowledge knows that ‘SEO’ and ‘link building’ are not interchangeable phrases. It is commonly known that link building alone will not cut it in today’s competitive markets. My question is that is standalone SEO enough? Here at Branded3 we have implemented a number of techniques to achieve rankings in… Continue reading

My Branded3 Adventure

First of all, this post has been a long time coming. I originally began this post some months ago when my employer was still Branded3, a super awesome digital agency based in Leeds, UK. On the 15th August (yes, it’s that late) I joined super awesome digital agency Reprise Media as an SEO consultant based… Continue reading

Google Instant Pages To Increase Bounce Rates?

Two day ago I posted how I believed the launch of Google Instant Pages would effect rankings. The general jist of post was that it would improve conversion and bounce rate as a reader would be more likely to convert deeper within the site if the page loads quicker. It makes sense, a slow loading… Continue reading

Google Crawls WordPress CMS

An interesting one here… As I’m having a fiddle in analytics I notice traffic through an odd keyword ‘brandi passante panty size‘. Obviously being a very meticulous thorough individual, I did a bit of research and found  that Bandi Passante is an American TV host from a show called ‘Storage Wars’. Now to my knowledge… Continue reading

Affiliate Negotiations

***The Featured Image of this post has been removed as part of a Google Image test I am performing*** As well as the number Search contracts I manage for Branded3, some clients have affiliate schemes which I look after. The correspondence and negotiations between affiliate and merchant, whether in-house or through an agency, I always… Continue reading

Naughty Poker Sites Suffer In the SERPs (Update)

Following on from my recent post Naughty Poker Sites Suffer In The SERPs, I’m just taking a little look back at the keyword ‘Online Poker’ and it seems that whatever the legal wranglings, two of the main players in online poker are back where they realistically should be as the biggest  in the world. Sites… Continue reading

Google Reveals Super Injunction Celeb Names

I hope I am not in danger of breaching any laws pertaining to the newsworthy UK super injunctions here but surely Google could? Below are two screen grabs taken today from showing Google Suggest revealing two names rumoured to be the celebrities behind the much talked about super injunctions. The super injunctions stop the… Continue reading