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ACTIVE ROOT – Why am I blogging about a ginger based energy drink? [Non- SEO Post]

It’s not often I blog anymore. And it’s not often anything floats my boat apart from SEO or [insert any SEO based marketing function]. But a new natural ingredient sports drink has.


ctive Root a ginger based energy sports drink designed mainly for high performance athletes, mainly marathon and triathlon. But I suspect this particular sports drink is suitable for any sporting activity, high performance or not.

Why ginger? Well there’s science supporting the fact that ginger is a suppressant for nausea

The science shows Active Root causes a lower GI disturbance than your regular sugar filled isotonic energy drink. I don’t know what GI disturbance is but I know i get nauseous during exercise. Especially as I have just started at a new Crossfit gym in Dublin – Crossfit 536 in Blackrock, Dublin. In fact, I think this energy drink being made from only natural ingredients, would be massive for the Crossfit enterprise.

The drink based and produced in bonnie Scotland, has just been successfully funded in a Kickstarter campaign and is available to buy online.

What will really attract the athlete is that it is available in powder form, so perfect for re-filling that water bottle in the sports bag.

One thing for sure, if you are a crossfit athlete, marathon runner, triathlon athlete and you struggle with nausea when pushing yourself hard, Active Root could be the answer.


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